Dan Dare in Finland

Guess what, Dan Dare was also published in Finland. Now this a completely new occurence to me - one I know nothing about. So I will let Tampsa Ranta-aho, the webmaster of a great science fiction site detailing lots of UK heroes in their Finnish translations tell it in his own words:

Dan Dare was part of the comic book magazine Nastasarjat which appeared every two weeks. Dan Dare featured in colour on the cover and also a 1.5 black & white normal page inside. Dan appeared in numbers 1 to 21 (1964 ) and in one special "this kind of comic book will start next year" book the year before - 1963.

This is the only comic book appearance in Finland. The story was called Operaatio ajanmurtaja (literally Operation Time Destroyer) No idea what the original name was.

Dan Dare also appeared in Peitsi magazine (literally Lance), which was published monthly. Peitsi was a kind of "soft" military magazine for the families of armed forces personnel or WWII veterans. Not aggressive at all, more like whole family patriotic reading. Dan Dare appeared from 1962 (I can't be certain but I think it was Nr 1) to 1965 (No. 5), each annual volume being numbered 1-12. Two black & white pages at a time. This is a very rarely known appearance of Dan Dare.

My first issue is 1-1963, and it was in middle of a story already.

Many thanks to Tampsa for this hitherto unknown information.



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