Dan Dare in Germany

Don Harley limited print

There were no Eagle characters printed in Germany until 2000, when Salleck Publications printed Dan Dare - Raumschiffpilot.

This was a magnificient attempt to duplicate the UK Hawk Books' series, the above volume being a reprint of the first Hawk volume. It was released in a limited edition of 1,000 (also available in a Deluxe edition with introduction, and signed by, Don Lawrence).

Eckart Salleck bought the rights to Dan Dare & Co for Germany, intending to reprint the whole series. Alas, due to the high production costs, and Salleck's own requirements for excellence, rumour has it, that the company nearly went bankrupt. Despite that, what remains is a really excellent book.

Salleck also commissioned a piece of artwork of Dan Dare and friends from veteran Dan Dare artist Don Harley. This was turned into a limited edition of 250 prints which Salleck originally intended to give-away with the first 250 editions sold. However, the policy changed, and these magnificient prints may sometimes turn up at comic fairs across Europe.

Salleck tells me that he has not given up his dream of producing the full Hawk run in German, so we wait to see what will happen. STOP PRESS: Volume 2 of the German edition is due out Spring 2005.

The Spanish version of Dan Dare - Diego Valor - whose comics were so popular in his native Spain, were also available in Germany. In January 1998 an unknown publisher started a re-run which finished with issue 2. It is also rumoured that an Austrian publisher has reprinted the complete run of original Diego Valor piccolo's in German, however the distribution of these seems to be problematic as dealers cannot get their hands on them.

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