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Arend Yearbook Number 2

From 22nd October 1955 to 24th September 1966 you could thrill to the adventures of Dan Durf, Dirk Vis, kommandant Diederik de Gast, and professor Meeuwes (Dan, Digby, Sir Hubert and Peabody) in the pages of Arend (which means eagle in Dutch).

Not only that, but from the third year onwards you could join the Arend Club and receive a club badge - see left - and a club membership card.

The Arend tried to be all things to all children, in so far as over its 11 year run it reprinted many strips from Hulton's stable ( Eagle, Girl and Swift), and only Hulton strips were used. It was a comic catering for both boys and girls, and did not attempt to follow Hulton's own marketing trend of diversification of the sexes. Arend was slightly smaller in size than the UK originals, and although the first four years interior content was in the usual colour, going into year five the colour elements were replaced by a strange greenish sepia tint to the inner pages which is little off putting.

Many of Hulton's stalwarts were represented in the comic over the years, taking turn and turn about: such as: De Drie J's (The Three J's ran from 1955-1962), Lettie Droeflot, (Lettice Leaf from Girl ran from 1956-1965), Harrie Twiet (Harris Tweed ran from 1958 - 1963), Joop Lantaarn (Jack O'Lantern ran from 1955-1962), Sonja (Sonia in the Outback from Girl), Tarzana (from Swift, who actually ousted Dan Dare from the front cover during year three - 1958-1959), Heros the Spartan ran from 1964-1966, and Storm Nelson ran from 1960-1966 and of course the cut-aways.

In both 1957 and 1958 an Arend Annual (or Yearbook to give them their proper title) were available in the Netherlands: but these have no Dan Dare or any of the other popular comic strip content. They only reprinted various scientific strips and articles that had appeared in the Eagle, such as Professor Holland (Professor Brittain).

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