Dan Dare in Luxembourg

Historically, the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg has always had close ties to Belgium, France and Germany, and due to its size relies on imports from these countries. As all Luxembourg children can speak three languages there was never a strong requirement for national comics. As far as Dan Dare is concerned Luxembourg's one and only claim to fame (aside from Hugo Gernsback) was the radio show that was aired on Radio Luxembourg between July 1951 and May 1956.

Listing from 208 and View magazine - April 1954
Horlicks Spacemans Club Badge - plastic
Horlicks Spacemans Club Handbook (facsimile)

The radio series was produced in London at the Star Sound Recording Studios where they were recorded onto large wax discs that were then send to the Radio Luxembourg studios in the Grand Duchy to be broadcast. These discs were destroyed after the broadcast, so sadly no record of them exists, and RTL (the former Radio Luxembourg) denies any knowledge of their having been archived.

Bob Danvers-Walker announced the "Adventures of Dan Dare", whilst former Dick Barton actor Noel Johnson took the part of Dan, Digby was played by John Sharpe, Peabody by Anne Cullen, and the Mekon by Francis De Wolfe. Other parts were played by Kenneth Willams and Ralph Richardson. The series was produced in London by John Glyn-Jones.

The Dan Dare Radio Show was sponsored by Horlicks (drink company) who encouraged young listeners to enroll in the Horlicks Spacemans Club, and then marketed a series of related items that could be bought - usually for 6d and a label from a Horlicks jar. The Spaceman Club items included: The Spacemans Club Handbook, Dan Dare Tie, Spacefleet Service Identity Card, The Spacemans Club Badge (produced by EVB Plastics Ltd in plastic - two types known with same front but with different pin settings) , the Dan Dare Spaceship Cup (for drinking ones Horlicks of course), and a Periscope (very popular during the 1953 Coronation).

The Spaceman's Handbook is crammed with details about Dan and friends, plus articles on how the Spacefleet was formed, the equipment used, the space vessels, as well as the planets and their inhabitants. Everything in fact that a space cadet should know.

Interestingly the Dan Dare Radio Show was also broadcast in Australia, and the original scripts were also sent to Spain where they were translated into Spanish and broadcast by Spanish actors.

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