Dan Dare in Norway

The first Hauk Comic Giveaway (1955)
The first Hauk Comic (1955)
Hauk No. 23 (1956)
The first issue of 1957

I was recently contacted by Norwegian collector Torfinn Jåsund who has been kind enough to fill in many of the blanks concerning the Norwegian Hauk version and provide the scans on this page. Many thanks Torfinn! I will let him tell it:

The Norwegian Hauk-series were issued by Se-bladene A/S in Stavanger, Norway. They started with an 8-page giveaway preview in 1955 and then issued four more regular issues that year. In 1956 there were 30 issues and in 1957 28 issues, - and that was it for the Norwegian issues.

Concerning the formats: from number 1 (1955) until 22 (1956) the Hauk magazine were in a horizontal format measuring 268 x 190 mm - with 24 pages counting the front and back. From issue 23 (1956) and the rest of the year they changed the format to 200 x 268 and with only 8 pages (not stapled!). From issue 1 (1957) to the end of the series they changed the format a little bit to 220 x 278 mm.

The 24 page editions were issued every 14 days and the 8 page editions were issued every week.

The editor was Jan Ronold and he was the one who pretty much started a great deal of the most famous Norwegian comic series'. I think he told me that he had been over to Britain and visited the British publisher Hulton. Anyway, amongst the nearly 10,000 comics the Se-bladene A/S published Hauk was his favourite.

The Hauk magazines were printed in Stavanger on Aktietrykkeriet which were owned by Stabenfeldt - the same company which owned Se-bladene A/S.

The characters are all there though: Dan Djerv, Storm Nelson, Peter Bom (Harris Tweed), Konstabel 49, Jeff Arnold, Jack O'Lantern and cut-aways.

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