Dan Dare in Portugal

Titã Semanario Juvenil
O Falcão No. 14
Foguetão No.10

The first appearance of Dan in Portugal was on 6th April 1955 in issue No. 25 of a 28 page comic called Titã (Publ. Fomento de Publicacoes, Lisbon). This was issued in an unusually small size, published in rotagravure and is not strictly speaking, a copy of the Eagle. Although Dan's Prisoners of Space episode is on the first two pages, the rest of the comic comprises of various strips including, Herois do Espaco (Graham Coton's Space Family Rollinson - which also appeared in the UK's Knockout comic as well as various other European comics), and the Daily Mirror's Garth. Other UK content were Riders of the Range, Luck of the Legion, Mohawk Trail and Forgotten City by Ron Embleton. This comic started on Tuesday 12th October 1954 and ran to issue 42 (10th August 1955).

Four years later, on 19 March 1959, the Dan Dare adventure O Reino dos Autómatos (Reign of the Robots) started to appear in issue 14 onwards of O Falcão (Hawk), published by Grupo de Publicações Periódicas. O Falcão continued up to issue 82 (7 August 1960) and included during its run such British stalwards as Johnnie Wingco, Jeff Arnold (Riders of the Range), and Wulf the Briton.

On 4th May 1961 ENP of Lisbon produced Foguetão (Rocket). Where Titã was unusually small, Foguetão was unusually large (300 x 420 cms). Dan Dare featured on the front page only, and this time his name had changed to Capitao Marte.

The stories inside were a combination of text and strips, none of which are really appealing. Even the appearance of Asterix, Blake and Mortimer and Tin Tin on the centre pages do nothing to redeem this comic. Foguetão lasted for just thirteen weeks, the last issue being published on 27th July 1961. Click here to see the complete covers of the series.

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