Dan Dare in Sweden

Falken Comic No. 1

Sweden's version of the Eagle was called Falken, which started on 25th January 1955 (see left), and ran for just 18 weeks before finishing. This was an excellent product that was a near complete copy of the Eagle, except in one respect: Dan appeared on pages one and THREE of the comic, and page two was devoted to articles by Professor Gustaf Bolinder, the first on Papuan indians. All the favourites Eagle characters and features were here: Professor Puff, Storm Nelson, Harry Ullman (Harris Tweed), Sergeant Luck - Legionar, Konstapel 49, Jeff Arnold, Baden-Powell and cut-aways.

However this style of (large) weekly comics were not popular in Sweden, and not many ventures lasted very long. The Swedes preferred the American format comic books.

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