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Is there a need for yet another website devoted to Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare?

The Eagle Comic was reprinted around the world, in many formats and many languages, yet information concerning this phenomenon has never been assembled in one place before. This site will offer a look at these reprints by country and try to define the print runs and years of publication, and any other oddities and affiliated themes that turn up, such as the "Great US Stamp Mystery", and the French version of the Girl Comic.

Whilst not strictly Dan Dare, this site also offers a look at those "unknown" Fleetway artists that toiled away in Italy, Spain and South America to bring you those strips that you loved: such as The Steel Claw, Phantom Force Five and Battler Britton. There are currently about 50 artists listed on this site and over 50 more waiting to be re-discovered. There are also complete listings of all comics and story papers published by Fleetway as well as a history of the Fleetway group.

The Complete(?) Guides to British, French science fiction in comic strip format, with numerous examples, are also being updated regularly.

And if your heart can still bear the excitement, you can browse through the various galleries that are now on-line, ranging from space-themed jigsaw puzzles to Dan Dare memorabilia.

There are numerous gaps in our knowledge on these various themes, so in part this site is also to encourage others to help fill these gaps. If anyone has additional information that they would like to submit on any of these subjects we actively encourage them to get in touch with us - we will print it and full credit will be given.

Above all, please ENJOY your visit.

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